Cook Islands Pate

Our log drums cater to both our Tahitian following as well as our Cook Islands following. We offer both variations of drum, Tahitian Toere and Cook Islands Pate. Our current log drums are made from a local Red Iron Bark wood (Pictured to the right). Its extremely hard, extremely dense, and produces an amazingly loud and crisp sound, not to mention an extremely beautiful grain and colors. We have done extensive research and experimentation with other woods but Red Iron Bark has far surpassed all of our tests and have proven itself to be our go too wood

Our Toeres come in 3 sizes or customizable sizes as well.

  • Small (4"x22") $200USD
  • Medium (6"x24") $300USD
  • Large (8"x30+") $500USD

Handheld small Toeres: $175USD

Iron Wood Patch toeres are also available by request, our Red Iron Bark Toeres do not require them, but it is something we can add. If a patch is requested, other woods may be available to choose from for the Toere.

Toere sticks:

Rosewood: $60USD each

Ironwood double sticks: $45USD a pair

**Please note that our toeres do come with a standard carving (diamond band around the top and bottom)

Want a full custom drum? Contact me!

Video sound samples:

Pasifika Drums and Custom Wood Carvings