Standard stool
default colors pictured or your choice of wood color

Standard large Toere stand

Standard padded stool

  • fabric and wood color your choice

We also offer standard and custom sized stands and stools.

Our stools are 18" wide by about 17" tall: $100USD, padded stools are $125USD, padded with custom carving (limited size) are $150USD

Want to make a complete custom stool? Contact me!

Our small toere stands are 17" from the ground to the hitting spot on your toere: $75USD

Large toere stands: $100USD

"Te Vaka Inspired" Stand: $200USD

All other stands and stools such as the  taller stands for lead toeres and bass drums are available as well. Please contact me for a price.

Standard small toere stand

"Te Vaka Inspired" Stand

Standard Padded stool with carving

  • Fabric, carving, and wood color your choice

(carving size limited)

Pasifika Drums and Custom Wood Carvings