Pasifika Drums and Custom Wood Carvings

We offer repairs for everything from broken heads, to cracked toeres, to a complete drum make over! A full price quote for repairs depend on the state of the drum and what needs to be done, so don't hesitate to send me an email and Ill gladly take a look. Here are some base fees we have:

Faatete and bass Drum head repair:

  • Vinyl - $75USD per head
  • Skin - $100USD per head

Pahu tupai head repair:

  • Vinyl - $75USD per head
  • Skin -$100USD per head
  • Cow skin (recommended) $125 Per head (price varies depending on size of drum)

Retuning skin drums or deepening toeres: Flat Rate $50USD

**Djembes, and other non Pacific Islander drums are subject to different charge!**

Toere Crack repair:

we offer a repair service on cracked toeres for a base price $100USD. This includes a coat of industrial epoxy on the inside of the Toere and sealing all cracks affecting the overall sound of the Toere. We also offer a full toere restoration for $200USD. This includes patching all the major cracks, a completely sand down of the whole drum ridding it all major and minor defects, and a full gloss coating.  If the hitting section of your toere is badly frayed or indented, we also offer patching services where we would inlay an iron wood patch for $125USD. Other services or repairs to the toere may be subject to an additional charge.

**Please note that filling the cracks may not ALWAYS fix the "dead" sound of the toere but it almost ALWAYS improves the tone and pitch of the Toere**

All other services, such as rim repairs and refabricating of parts is priced based on service being needed as well as condition of the drum.

**Please note that all prices may vary depending on the current condition of the drum and/or size**