We offer 2 main variations for Pahu Tupais. Our solid ones, and ones with detachable legs.  Both options can come in a 12" or 14" diameter by 4 feet tall.

Both options with vinyl heads are $475USD

Both options with skin heads are $500USD

**Shipping restrictions may apply for solid tupais based on location**

We also offer a sit down Tahitian Pahu Rima. These are 12" or 14"  diameter and 3 feet tall.

Vinyl head is $375USD

Skin head is $400USD

**Contact me for current designs and patterns, or custom work!


Our Hawaiian style pahus are similar to the Tahitian stand up pahus but they are about half the height. Usually made from palm tree (varies what we have in stock) or we have our own style pahu made from the same wood all of our other skin drums are made from.

Lapaiki (small) 8",10", or 12" diameter x 12" tall: $350USD

Medium: 10-12" diameter x 22" tall: $650USD

Large: 17" diameter x 32 tall: $950USD

Larger or custom sizes are available as well.

Puniu Coconut with Ka: $150USD

Full coconut topped with goat skin.

24" length rope and 9" Ka.  

Video Sound Samples: https://www.youtube.com/Pasifikadrums

Pasifika Drums and Custom Wood Carvings