We also specialize in customization! Whether its a custom carvings, personalization of names or group names, your own personal fabric design, or a complete custom drum with your specifications, we can do it!

Here is some custom work we have done for customers.


Custom carved/painted names:

Bass drums with 2 1/2" letters, 20" max length: $100USD

Pahu Tupai with 2 1/2" letters, 20" max length: $100USD

Faatete with 1 1/2" letters, 15" max length: $50USD

Lead toere with 2 1/2" letters: $100USD

Medium toere with 2" letters: $75USD

Small toere with 1 1/2" letters: $50USD


Custom Toere carvings:

Standard carving band around the top and bottom provided with all orders.

8"x 8" center carving: $100USD

10" x 10" center carving: $125USD

12" x 12" center carving: $150USD

Full back carving:

Lead toere: $200

Medium and small: $150


Custom Bass drum, Faatete, and Pahu Tupais carvings/paintings:

4" x 4": $50USD

6" x 6": $75USD

8" x 8": $100USD

10" x 10": $125USD

12" x 12": $150USD


8" x 16": $175USD

10" x 20": $200USD

12 x 24": $225USD

Custom vinyl logo or image

0-10" Length x proportional height: $25USD each

11-20" length x proportional height: $50USD each

All other sizes are subject to different charges.

*Please note some custom requests may be a different charge than noted above.

Want a full custom drum? Contact me!

Example of custom painted bass drum

Example of custom  Toere carving

Example of full back carving

Example of Custom carved bass drum

Example of Custom painted name

Pasifika Drums and Custom Wood Carvings

Example of custom carved name